Charged on a per night basis, and are based on the size of the dog. You are not charged for the day you drop off or the day you pick up. 


All clients are given a punch card to keep track of their boarding. Each night your pet(s) stays, the card is punched. After 14 nights, the 15th night is free. This free night can be used anytime. 


If your dog boarding needs include a longer stay — one month or more — Rover’s Ranch Kennel is a great place for your dogs. Please call Serene to discuss terms. We are client-recommended for long-term stays!  

Single Dogs – Individual Kennels

Small (30 Lbs & Under)$40
Large (Over 30 Lbs)$45

Two Dogs – Kenneled Separately

2 Large Dogs (Over 30 Lbs)$90
1 Large Dog (Over 30 Lbs) & 1 Small Dog (30 Lbs & Under)$85
2 Small Dogs (30 Lbs & Under)$80

Two Dogs – Kenneled Together

2 Large Dogs (Over 30 Lbs)$75
1 Small Dog (30 Lbs & Under) & 1 Large Dog (Over 30 Lbs)$70
2 Small Dogs (30 Lbs & Under)$65

Additional Dogs

Each Additional Small Dog (30 Lbs & Under)$30
Each Additional Large Dog (Over 30 Lbs)$35


Single Dog

Full Day (Over 5 Hours)$30
— Each Additional Dog$23

Punch Card Discounts for Full Day

5 Days (Save $30)$120
10 Days (Save $80)$220
15 Days (Save $150)$300


Under special circumstances you may request pre-approval by management for after-hours pick-up and drop-off. If approved there will be an extra fee for this accommodation.


If your dog(s) needs a simple or general medication administered once a day, the fee is $1.00/day/dog

If your dog(s) needs more extensive medication or it must be administered multiple times a day, the fee is $2.00/dog/day.