Planning a day trip out of town? Do you work during the day and don’t want your dog home alone? Do you have errands to run? Does your dog need socialization with other dogs? We do daycare 7 days a week. Call for reservations. If you get delayed or waylaid, your dog is welcome to spend the night!


Open 7 days a week, pick-up and drop-off times by prior arrangement


To see our current daycare rates, fees and discount options click here.


This is the information required upon check-in to the kennel

  1. Emergency contact. How to contact the owner while traveling, your veterinarian or other local contact.
  2. Immunizations. We require that your pet’s shots be current. If your pet(s) has stayed with us previously and shots have been updated, please provide updated information or have your veterinarian call us. If you are a new client, please provide current immunization records for rabies, parvo/distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough).
  3. Feeding, treats, and medicating instructions. We will keep the schedule you have established at home for your pets to insure their continued comfort and health.
  4. Your dog(s): We believe all dogs need exercise and fresh air in order to enjoy their stay with us. Dogs are assigned to play groups that fit their age and energy level, and sociability. In order to provide this, we need to know a few things. Are they good with other dogs? Do you want them out with other dogs? If your dog can’t be with others, we provide alone-time in the play yard. Can they jump a 6’ fence? If your dog can escape, there is a special yard for them!
  5. Bedding, treats and toys. For the comfort of your pets, familiarity is best. You are welcome to bring in anything other than large beds. We have an extensive supply of clean and comfortable blankets, comforters and other bedding. If your dog can eat treats and play with toys without supervision, you are welcome to bring in any of their own toys and the treats they are normally given. Their toys and treats are kept in their own kennel, and are not allowed into the common areas.
  6. Just like sending your kids off to summer camp, we ask that mark your pet’s belongings with their name. When you check-in/check-out, we inventory all personal items: bedding, food, medications, treats, and toys.
  7. Please do not plan to leave: large beds, bowls, leashes (you can bring your pet in on a leash and take it with you).

To Our Customers With Large Dogs

 We’d like to remind our large dog owners that as the kennel gets busier over the summer we will have limited space to accommodate our 4-legged customers for doggie daycare.

Holidays, spring breaks and summers affect the availability of large dog daycare due to an increase in our overnight boarders, which creates less daytime large dog kennel space.

Sorry for this inconvenience. We will try to accommodate as many large dogs as we can, and it will fluctuate. We will have more availability for large dog daycare once schools are back in session, mid- to late-August.

PLEASE CALL US AT 970-218-1378 THE WEEK BEFORE YOU NEED DAYCARE to see if space is available and reserve it.

Thank you for your help and understanding!

—Rover’s Ranch Kennel Staff & Serene

When you are ready to check in for Daycare, please review our Drop off / Pickup Policy page.

Important Note!

For our customer’s safety and the safety of our staff, Rover’s Ranch Kennel will not accept any human aggressive dogs for boarding or daycare.