Do you take puppies?

We do take puppies as long as they are properly vaccinated for their age.

Will my dog get personal attention?

Yes, our staff is caring and personable when interacting with the dogs, spending time with them, calling them by name, and learning their personalities.

My dog is shy. How do you make him feel comfortable?

We put shy dogs in areas where they will be around staff more often and will be taken outside by staff in order to become more comfortable with the kennel routine.

How does playtime work?

All dogs get playtime (this is included in the daily fee). For a dog(s) that does not play well with other dogs, they will have their own personal time in one of our outdoor play yards. For those who are more social, we will evaluate your dog(s) so they can be placed in play groups with dogs of the same size and energy level. We do not put large dogs with small dogs, unless they are from the same family and have their own separate playtime.

Can I see the inside of the kennel?

At this time, due to health concerns and the small size of our office, we are not yet allowing our two-legged customers into the building. You can see photos of our facilities on our gallery page.

Do you take intact dogs (un-spayed/un-neutered)?

Yes, we do. We have processes in place to make sure intact males and intact females are never placed together, even when from the same family.

My dog doesn’t get along with other dogs. Will you take them?

Yes, we will. We have processes in place to make sure they are never around other dogs, whenever they are inside the building or when they are outside for their individual playtime.

Do you take unvaccinated dogs?

No, we do not. Please see our Vaccination policies.

What does the average day in the life of a dog at your kennel look like?

We have a routine we follow with the majority of the dogs for feeding, potty-ing, resting, and outside playtime. Imagine your dog going to the dog park three to four times a day and how much fun they have and how happily exhausted they get!

Do you sell treats or toys for my dog(s) during their stay?

Yes, we have a great selection of toys, treats and bones to make your dog’s stay happy and comfortable.